Shade 9 Queen Bee

Hair Extensions

100% human hair. It is a European and Slavic hair blend. The best of the best!


This NEW seamless weft is now available.

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This weft requires no tape, glue or heat for application. These are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create the smallest weft-size possible making them the most seamless weft yet. The M-TIED Weft can be cut at the seam, making it easy to customize to each row/head size. It is thinner than a hand tied weft.

There is no return hair on the top of the weft. The M-TIED Wefts can be used to add fullness and length, all while blending seamlessly to your natural hair and texture. They are suitable for all hair types & easily customized & stackable. The best method for install of these
Wefts is my ELITE Hand Tied Method

M-TIED weft details:
20 inches (5 pieces ) 100 grams per pack
22 inches (5 pieces) 100 grams per pack

Clip in details :
22 inches ( 8 pieces ) 120 grams per pack

This is the NEW technology of hair extensions.

We offer education on installation process for the m-tied weft. Call for more information 516.850.1292 or email

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Hair Extension Color Shades

Iced Out
Iced Out
Shade 1 Icon
Shade 1 Icon
shade 2 Rebel
Shade 2 Rebel
Shade 3 Dirty Blond
Shade 3 Dirty Blond
Shade 4 Baddie
5th Shade Platinum
Shade 5 Platinum
Shade 7 Dolo
Shade 7 Dolo
Shade 8 Drama
Shade 8 Drama
Shade 9 Queen Bee
Shade 9 Queen Bee

The M-TIED weft is a new weft type you will absolutely love. They are a hybrid of Handtied wefts. They lay flatter, are even more seamless and CAN be cut on the seam to size perfect to everyone’s head shape with NO SHEDDING!

These extensions can last 10-13 months with proper hair care. Hair care instructions and on the back of out packaging! You can glaze/tone down the extensions we do not recommend bleaching them.

Each pages contains 5 precut bundles

Width per bundle is 12 inches

Length and weight

22 inches 100 grams

20 inches 100 grams

18 inches 100 grams

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